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Iyengar Yoga
Online Yoga
Warrior Two

Corporate & Higher Education Yoga

I am passionate about bringing yoga to the workplace. Research shows that work-place wellness programs help employees reduce work-related stress and increase energy and overall morale. I can offer your team a beginner-friendly yoga class or a stress-management & yoga workshop.

Private Yoga

Teaching private yoga offers me such a special opportunity to learn about you and your unique yoga journey. No matter your experience or ability, I am happy to practice with you. As a teacher, my goal is to help you cultivate an at-home practice so you feel encouraged and empowered to commit to your own movement & stillness routine.

Group Yoga

The group yoga setting is classic, and for so many it is the ideal way to practice. The collective energy of a group class can help the individual feel part of a community and help the community come closer together. If you are a studio looking for a teacher, or a fitness group looking for a new movement activity, let's chat!

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