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"It was a pleasure to work with you Stephanie! Your yoga break/presentation added great value to my workshop. Your calm presence and gentle approach welcomed the participants into practical yoga poses that they probably would never have attempted before. They left with easy to remember pauses (and poses) that they continue to use. Thanks Stephanie for your thoughtful presentation, your attention to detail and for sharing your expertise in such a gentle way."

 Dr. Trish Snozyk MD

Therapeutic Choices

Victoria, BC 

“Stephanie led a great virtual workshop for our student staff of Group Exercise Instructors! The workshop was very well organized and provided useful information on stress management and Yoga. Stephanie’s four step stress management system was practical and easy to understand. Leading up to the workshop, Stephanie was very professional and communicative. I would highly recommend Stephanie’s services!”

Coordinator of Group Exercise

James Madison University Recreation

Harrisonburg, Virginia

“I am always impressed by Stephanie’s approach to yoga. Her flows are suited to your needs and abilities, and I really appreciate how she explains the different facets and philosophies of yoga throughout the lesson. Beyond the movement, there’s a sharing of wisdom that leaves me feeling refreshed and connected with the practice. Virtual yoga sessions aren’t often this intimate and tailored to you. I highly recommend Stephanie!”

Laura Q. 

McLean, Virginia

"Sharing a yoga practice with someone who embodies a spirit like Stephanie's is nothing short of a gift. She holds space for those that attend her class with grace, wisdom and a grounded reverence. I had only newly embarked on my yoga journey when I had the pleasure of being taught by her, but her gentle guidance put me totally at ease. I carried that same balanced energy with me not only that day, but it the days thereafter and I look forward to our next journey together, immensely. Namaste."

Jasmine M. 

Victoria, British Columbia

"Stephanie has a sharp eye -- even though our classes are remote, she catches where I'm struggling. I've grown so much and I leave every class wanting more. She never makes me feel behind (even though I'm a true beginner) and celebrates my baby successes every step of the way. I'm a professional dancer, but being stuck at home during the pandemic sapped my motivation to stay in shape. Stephanie gave me take-home assignments that are doable and brief so it was easy for me to start incorporating yoga on my own between our weekly classes. I have a new appreciation for my body -- no joke! Stephanie really does love and take joy in the wonder of our bodies -- everyone moves differently and it's so validating to hear her excitement of my body's abilities. It always feels sincere, and it helps me take a kinder, more loving look at my own body. Stephanie is thoughtful and responsive, and structures classes to my skill level as well as my personal goals. She gently but firmly pushes and challenges me throughout our lessons. She works in new challenges and poses as I grow, and I couldn't be happier with our sessions."

Tricha K.

Los Angeles, California

"Stephanie is an incredibly caring person, and that is reflected in the way she teaches yoga. I was new to yoga when I first started taking classes with Steph, and she always made sure I felt comfortable when trying new things. Her classes make me feel relaxed and grounded, and they strengthen the mental and physical connections I have with my body. I have learned so much about the way my body moves."


Georgia H. 

Vancouver, British Columbia

"Some of the most enjoyable moments of my hectic schedule are my yoga classes with Stephanie. We’ve covered it all, from calming, grounded breathing exercises to soaring stretches to the sky.  Her practice is patient and compassionate, yet challenging and energizing. Expect to sweat a little bit!  I feel invited to push boundaries while truly listening to and understanding my body.  I can only recommend you sign up for a session! You won’t stop at one."

Andrew M. 

Washington, D.C.

"Stephanie is an excellent yoga instructor! I love her online format that you can do in the convenience of your home. She has a very good positive energy with an obvious passion for sharing yoga through well-planned classes that will challenge your strength, flexibility, and balance."

Kim B. 

Blacksburg, Virginia

"I loved my one on one classes with Stephanie. My work life can be stressful and I truly felt centered after our sessions. I didn’t feel like the classes were super difficult, but I felt the good kind of sore the next day. I like the personal attention that comes with a one on one class and Stephanie really makes you feel like it’s your practice and about you. My mobility varies from class to class, but Stephanie meets you where your body is that day, and offers great pose alternatives. I’ve never taken a live virtual yoga class before, but Stephanie’s presence makes you feel like she’s practicing right there with you."

Fareena B. 

Winston Salem, North Carolina

"As someone who is new to yoga, Stephanie makes me feel so comfortable and capable during her classes! I leave every session with my mind feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and my body feeling stronger and more balanced. Couldn’t recommend taking her classes enough regardless of your experience level!"

Carolyn H. 

Arlington, Virginia

"Stephanie’s yoga classes provide an opportunity for me to develop physically (flexibility, balance, strength), mentally (mental clarity and calmness), and emotionally (a mood booster). Stephanie is knowledgeable, friendly, caring and provides easy to follow practice. I feel rejuvenated after each session. Thank you for helping me achieve body wellness and better sleep."

Jaz B.

Victoria, British Columbia

"Stephanie was flexible and adjusted the class to my ability. I felt relaxed and at the end my body was at ease and thoroughly stretched. I found her voice to be soothing and her instructions easy to follow. I recommended her to a few friends after our session."

Tina H. 

Reston, Virginia

Testimonials: Testimonials
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